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Panasonic USB 3.0 UJ235BS Blu-Ray Burner/Player

Blue-Ray 2xBD-RE write (50GB double layer)/ 4xBD-R write (25GB single layer)/ 4x BD-ROM read

8xDVD±R write/ 6xDVD±RW write/ 4xDVD±R DL write/ 5xDVD-RAM Write

Super blu-ray drive.  Burns and plays DVDs and CDs also.

Impress your friends and be the first to own it!  Play/Burn Blu-Ray movies!


This drive is compatible with all laptop computers!  Including all Apple/Mac computers.

-This is the smallest and lightest USB portable blu-ray player in the world!  (Take it everywhere you go)

-Plug and Play (no drivers needed - but 
NO blu-ray software included&will need to be purchased)

-USB powered (no external power supply needed)

-Great gift idea for that "computer geek" in your life  (He/She will love you forever for it)

-Hook this up though your computer to your HD LCD TV for full home HD theater experience!

-Works with ALL laptops and desktops

-Full 1 year guarantee!

-Free Shipping worldwide!