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Original 45W Apple magsafe tips A1244 A1369 A1370 A1374  

Can be used with 60W and 85W magsafe adapters also.

For Macbook Unibody, Macbook AIR, and Macbook Pro machines

-100% ORIGINAL with LED power light on the tip.
-Repair your magsafe power adapter saving $$$.   Having problem with the tip of your power cord?  Just splice your cord and replace it with mine

-USED!  Harvested from ORIGINAL broken power adapters.  
Don't play around with china aftermarket cords that can damage your computer or catch on fire - Buy ORIGINAL ONLY!

-FULL Lifetime warranty!*  (*For as long as you own your computer)  These are untested.  For any reason it doesn't work just email me and I will send you a new one!!

-Free Shipping worldwide!

I have the "T" type tip also (like in the background picture).  If you want this please see auction number 180752060141.


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