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14 MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM (please write what bezel you want when you check out):

1) (The most common standard bezel)  G - Base 12.7mm standard bezel:  (Pops off with NO screws) fits most tray load 12.7mm drives - Panasonic/Sony/Pioneer/Hitachi/HL etc...
Will Fit many models:
Panasonic: UJDA770 UJ-840 UJ-841 UJ-850 UJ-851 UJ-861 UJ-110 UJ-120 UJ-220 UJ-131 UJ-141 UJ-240 UJ-260etc...
Pioneer: DVR-K11 DVR-K12 DVR-K13 DVR-K15 DVR-K16 DVR-K17 DVR-K18 DVR-K08 etc...
HLGWA-4040 GWA-4080 GWA-4082 GWA-4040N GWA-4080N GWA-4082N GSA-T10N GSA-4083 GSA-4083N etc...
Quanta Storage
: QSI drives (please confirm with picture below - this bezel is also available in WHITE)

Toshiba:  Most Toshiba drives
Sony:  Most Sony drives


2) B - Base 12.7mm standard bezel:  (Screws off)  Will Fit models  UJDA330, UJDA340, UJDA360, UJDA710, UJDA720, UJDA730, UJDA740, UJDA750, UJDA760, UJ-810, UJ-810B, UJ811, UJ-811, UJ-811B, UJ-820, UJ-820B, UJ-830, UJ-830B, UJ-831, UJ-831B


3) Ultra slim Bezel 9.5mm:  Will fit most 9.5mm drives (most Sony + Fujitsu laptops).  For example:
Panasonic: UJDA745, UJDA755, UJDA765, UJDA775, UJ-812, UJ-812B, UJ-822, UJ-822B, UJ-832, UJ-832B, UJ-842, UJ-852 UJ-862 UJ-232A etc...
HP:  PA850A PA851A 408684-130 394424-130 PA849A 375557-001 418865-001 PA509A#B13


4)    (The most common standard 12.7mm slot-in bezel) 

For example: Panasonic 12.7mm Slot load / slot in Bezel:  Will fit models UJ-815 UJ-816 UJ-825 UJ-835, UJ-845, UJ-846, UJ-85J UJ-875 UJ-215 UJ-215 UJ-225 UJ8C5 UJ-235 UJ-265   etc...  


5) Pioneer 12.7mm Slot load / slot in Bezel: Will fit models: DVR-K01 DVR-K02 DVR-K03 DVR-K04 DVR-K05 DVR-K06 DVR-K07


6) Quanta SDW drives:   sdw-041 sdw-042 sdw-082 sdw-082s sdw-085 sdw-085s sdw-086 sdw-086s etc...


7) Round 9.5mm IBM ultrabay ultra slim Thinkpad bezel.  Fits all 9.5mm drives. IBM T40 X40 X60 X61 etc... T X series....


8) FLAT 9.5mm IBM ultrabay ultra slim Thinkpad bezel.  Fits all 9.5mm drives. IBM T40 X40 X60 X61 etc... T X series....  (Will fit some Toshiba laptops too)


9) IBM 12.7mm Thinkpad bezel.series.... (Same as number one bezel)

Thinkpad A series: A20E, A20M, A20P, A21M, A21E, A21P, A22M, A22E, A22P, A30, A30M, A30P, A31M, A31P (2628, 2629, 2633, 2655, 2663, 2664, 2652, 2653, 2654)

Thinkpad T series: T20, T21, T22, T23, T30 (2366, 2367, 2647, 2648)

Thinkpad R series: R30, R31, R32, R40 (2656, 2657, 2658, 2659, 2676, 2677, 2681, 2682, 2683)

Thinkpad X series: X20, X21, X22, X23, X24, X30 (2660, 2661, 2662, 2672, 2673) with UltraBase X2/X3 media slice


10) 12.7mm in height Toshiba "corner cut out" Bezel

Fits many toshiba models:

TOSHIBA Satellite A135 A200 A215 A305

TOSHIBA Satellite P205 P305 P8400 S300

TOSHIBA Satellite A355 A75 L350 L355D

TOSHIBA Satellite R15 R25 S300M X205

Toshiba TECRA A10 A3 A4 A8 A9 L2 M1 M3

Toshiba QOSMIO G20 G25 G40 G45 G55

Toshiba QOSMIO P7350 X305

Toshiba TECRA M10 M4 M5 M6 M7 M9 R10

Toshiba QOSMIO F10 F15 F25 F45 F55 G15

TOSHIBA Satellite M115 M305 P105 P200 


11) 12.7mm SONY PCG-K Series Bezel

Fits models:

PCG-K43, PCG-K44, PCG-K45, PCG-K47, PCG-K415
PCG-K31, PCG-K33, PCG-K34, PCG-K35, PCG-K37,  PCG-K71, PCG-K86, PCG-K315,
PCG-K23, PCG-K25, PCG-K27, PCG-K215,
PCG-K30, PCG-K50, PCG-K70,  PCG-K20, PCG-K24, PCG-K215, PCG-K295, PCG-K74, PCG-K76,      
PCG-K12, PCG-K13, PCG-K14, PCG-K15,  PCG-K17, PCG-K115, PCG-K195,  PCG-K64,  PCG-K66


12) 12.7mm HP HP Pavilion ZD8000/8200 Series Bezel

All HP Pavilion zd8000 Series including:
Pavilion zd8000, Pavilion zd8001ap, Pavilion zd8001XX, Pavilion zd8002ap, Pavilion zd8002XX, Pavilion zd8003ap, Pavilion zd8003XX, Pavilion zd8004ap, Pavilion zd8004XX, Pavilion zd8005ap, Pavilion zd8005ea, Pavilion zd8007ea, Pavilion zd8008ea, Pavilion zd8009ea, Pavilion zd8010ea, Pavilion zd8010XX, Pavilion zd8011XX, Pavilion zd8015ea, Pavilion zd8017ea, Pavilion zd8019ea, Pavilion zd8020ea, Pavilion zd8030ea, Pavilion zd8043ea, Pavilion zd8044ea, Pavilion zd8045ea, Pavilion zd8047ea, Pavilion zd8048ea, Pavilion zd8050ea, Pavilion zd8050la, Pavilion zd8050XX, Pavilion zd8051ea, Pavilion zd8052ea, Pavilion zd8053ea, Pavilion zd8054ea, Pavilion zd8055us, Pavilion zd8060ca, Pavilion zd8060us, Pavilion zd8070ea, Pavilion zd8072ea, Pavilion zd8075ea, Pavilion zd8076ea, Pavilion zd8078ea, Pavilion zd8079ea, Pavilion zd8080ea, Pavilion zd8080us,
Pavilion zd8100, Pavilion zd8105ca, Pavilion zd8105ea, Pavilion zd8110ea, Pavilion zd8110us, Pavilion zd8112ea, Pavilion zd8115ea, Pavilion zd8115us, Pavilion zd8120cl, Pavilion zd8120ea, Pavilion zd8122ea, Pavilion zd8123ea, Pavilion zd8124ea, Pavilion zd8125cl, Pavilion zd8125ea, Pavilion zd8126ea, Pavilion zd8127ea, Pavilion zd8129ea, Pavilion zd8130ea, Pavilion zd8135ea, Pavilion zd8139ea, Pavilion zd8147ea, Pavilion zd8148ea, Pavilion zd8150ea, Pavilion zd8151ea, Pavilion zd8155ea, Pavilion zd8156ea, Pavilion zd8157ea, Pavilion zd8158ea, Pavilion zd8159ea, Pavilion zd8160ea, Pavilion zd8162ea, Pavilion zd8179ea, Pavilion zd8180ea, Pavilion zd8181ea, Pavilion zd8182ea, Pavilion zd8183EA, Pavilion zd8184ea, Pavilion zd8185ea,
Pavilion zd8201ap, Pavilion zd8202ap, Pavilion zd8203ap, Pavilion zd8204ap, Pavilion zd8205US, Pavilion zd8210ca, Pavilion zd8214ea, Pavilion zd8215us, Pavilion zd8217ea, Pavilion zd8218ea, Pavilion zd8219ea, Pavilion zd8220US, Pavilion zd8223ea, Pavilion zd8224ea, Pavilion zd8225ca, Pavilion zd8225ea, Pavilion zd8226ea, Pavilion zd8227ea, Pavilion zd8228ea, Pavilion zd8229ea, Pavilion zd8230ea, Pavilion zd8230us, Pavilion zd8231ea, Pavilion zd8234ea, Pavilion zd8235ea, Pavilion zd8237ea, Pavilion zd8238ea, Pavilion zd8250LA, Pavilion zd8251ea, Pavilion zd8253ea, Pavilion zd8254ea, Pavilion zd8255ea, Pavilion zd8256ea, Pavilion zd8270ea, Pavilion zd8280ea, Pavilion zd8289ea, Pavilion zd8290ea, Pavilion zd8291ea,
Pavilion zd8301ea, Pavilion zd8303ea, Pavilion zd8304ea, Pavilion zd8305ea, Pavilion zd8308ea, Pavilion zd8318ea, Pavilion zd8319ea, Pavilion zd8325ea, Pavilion zd8350la, Pavilion zd8369ea, Pavilion zd8388ea, Pavilion zd8400, Pavilion zd8200, Pavilion zd8300


13) 12.7mm Compaq Evo N1000, Presario 900 1500 Series Bezel

Fits:Evo n1015v
Compaq Evo n1020v series
Compaq Evo n1000c series
Compaq Evo n1000v series
Compaq Evo n1005v series
Presario 900 series
Presario 1500 series


14) 9.5mm square bezel  For: UJ-892 / UJ8E2 uj-242 uj-252 uj-262 uj-272 uj-273 etc...



Please state which bezel/faceplate you would like to buy when you check out (#1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 or 14).  If you are not sure please feel free to email.